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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Indian Paid To Click Sites

Indian Paid To Click Site These Are 100% Paying Sites

What is

1. PaisaLive allows you to earn money when you check advertiser's promotion. You watch ads in your Email  Website, Social Network, Newspapers, Television, but none of them pays you to check the advertisements. On the other hand, PaisaLive pays you to check our reputed advertiser's promotions.

2. PaisaLive also pays you when you login to your account daily. We send you Fresh Promotions everyday which you can check.

3. Other than that, PaisaLive also pays you when you refer your friends to join this website and be a part of this unique revolution.

What PaisaLive is NOT:
  1. PaisaLive is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick kind of website. You will not become rich overnight. Initially your earnings may be slow, but it will catch up very soon and you should be able to make regular income every month.
  2. PaisaLive is NOT an MLM (Multi Level Marketing). You don't need to sell anything to earn from
  3. You don't need to pay any fees to join Its absolutely FREE to join. In fact, we and our advertisers pay you to check their promotions.
How much can I earn from
  • You will earn instantly Rs. 99 just for joining
  • You will earn Rs. 0.25 to Rs. 5.00 for checking each promotion. The amount you earn depends on your Activity Score and the type of promotion.
  • More the number of promotions you participate in, higher your payout.
  • You earn login incentive for just logging into this website once every 24 hours.
  • You earn Rs. 2 for each friend you refer to 
Click Below banner or link and join PaisaLive.

1-2 Rs/mail                          Payout at 500Rs

Money Mail:
Money mail is also similar concept like paisalive you get more information of latest website and earning opportunities in there promotional emails which pays us.

0.25-5 Rs/mail       Payout at 500Rs

Ram Survey Latest News Update

Message From Ram Survey CMD S.K. Kushawaha About Payment

In the recent update of Ram Survey company, its CMD S.K. Kushawaha has asked its panelist to have more patience now. As now they have officially announced that they will only be able to process your payment only after 15-20 more working days. Earlier Ram survey has opened Payment request for all working day but now it is saying that due to non-functioning of there bank account from past 1 month now they are unable to pay panelist money.
Ram  Survey MD are making fool to all the panelist they dont have the money for giving but have the money to open new companies. Some of hidden news are comming form Ram survey associates that they start new companies these compnies are just like as the ramsurvey and have the same working plate form (like as ramsurvey website) if you want to confirm please check or when you see these web site its has same working and offer like as ramsurvey.