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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Indian Paid To Click Sites

Indian Paid To Click Site These Are 100% Paying Sites

What is

1. PaisaLive allows you to earn money when you check advertiser's promotion. You watch ads in your Email  Website, Social Network, Newspapers, Television, but none of them pays you to check the advertisements. On the other hand, PaisaLive pays you to check our reputed advertiser's promotions.

2. PaisaLive also pays you when you login to your account daily. We send you Fresh Promotions everyday which you can check.

3. Other than that, PaisaLive also pays you when you refer your friends to join this website and be a part of this unique revolution.

What PaisaLive is NOT:
  1. PaisaLive is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick kind of website. You will not become rich overnight. Initially your earnings may be slow, but it will catch up very soon and you should be able to make regular income every month.
  2. PaisaLive is NOT an MLM (Multi Level Marketing). You don't need to sell anything to earn from
  3. You don't need to pay any fees to join Its absolutely FREE to join. In fact, we and our advertisers pay you to check their promotions.
How much can I earn from
  • You will earn instantly Rs. 99 just for joining
  • You will earn Rs. 0.25 to Rs. 5.00 for checking each promotion. The amount you earn depends on your Activity Score and the type of promotion.
  • More the number of promotions you participate in, higher your payout.
  • You earn login incentive for just logging into this website once every 24 hours.
  • You earn Rs. 2 for each friend you refer to 
Click Below banner or link and join PaisaLive.

1-2 Rs/mail                          Payout at 500Rs

Money Mail:
Money mail is also similar concept like paisalive you get more information of latest website and earning opportunities in there promotional emails which pays us.

0.25-5 Rs/mail       Payout at 500Rs

Ram Survey Latest News Update

Message From Ram Survey CMD S.K. Kushawaha About Payment

In the recent update of Ram Survey company, its CMD S.K. Kushawaha has asked its panelist to have more patience now. As now they have officially announced that they will only be able to process your payment only after 15-20 more working days. Earlier Ram survey has opened Payment request for all working day but now it is saying that due to non-functioning of there bank account from past 1 month now they are unable to pay panelist money.
Ram  Survey MD are making fool to all the panelist they dont have the money for giving but have the money to open new companies. Some of hidden news are comming form Ram survey associates that they start new companies these compnies are just like as the ramsurvey and have the same working plate form (like as ramsurvey website) if you want to confirm please check or when you see these web site its has same working and offer like as ramsurvey.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Without Investment How To Make Money To View Ads on PTC ?

Do you really need  some extra money?

So keep on reading!

There are many ways of internet to make money at home, one of them is Paid To Click programs (PTC) it is also known as Paid To Read Mails (PTR)  and Paid Per Clicks (PPC) all of programs works on same principle. You get paid once you registered PTC sites and click their Ads.

You withdraw your earning when you reached minimum requestal amount it will (usually 1$-5$). You also need Aleartpay and/or Paypal  account for this. These account is free. Click on link to create your Aleartpay or Paypal account.

All of the PTC sites are free to join which i have listed below. You can make money as much as you resister PTC sites. Earning example is given below. You just do one thing register free to Top Legitimate PTC Sites to Click here.

Earning example

You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
You have 20 referrals who click 10 ads per day = $2.00
Your daily earnings = $2.10
Your weekly earnings = $14.70
Your monthly earnings = $63.00

Imagine if you got 100 or even 1000 referrals and you do the same thing over 10 different PTC sites. Then you have potential to make over 1000$ per month! ;) Happy clicking!

Tips To Make Good Money By Paid To Click Program

I have some tips to make Good Money on Paid To Click (PTC), by doing this you can expect to have more money for cash out every month, on of the best way is by introducing PTC to your friends and ask them to join by your referral links.

And when If you dont have any friends left, then you on your own can make some money from PTC by clicking on more PTC together at the same time.
You can do this by opening all the PTC’s in one browser (mozzila is the best) and then open all your PTC’s as tab’s.

After all your PTC’s is open in the tabs (i can have about 10 PTC’s) in one browser, and i can open 2 or 3 browser at the same time in my laptop’s.

You can save time by clicking ads on the first PTC, while waiting for the timer to go zero, you can go to other tabs and clicking ads on them on the same time.

So all your PTC can finish at the same time, saving you time than clicking ads on 1 PTC alone.
These are usefull tips on how to use mozzila browser.

- To close a tab press ctrl-w

- To open new tab press ctrl-T

- To go to first tab you can press ctrl-1, 2nd tab ctrl-2, and you can have shortcut to ctrl-9

-Use session manager to save all the PTC’s you have open in all the tabs in your mozzila browser, so the next day when you want to clicks on ads, you can open the session you have save on session manager. You don’t have to open all the PTC one by one.

PTC Program all tools.
1- Using the computer few hours per daily.
2- Using the internet few hours per daily.
3- Free e-mail account.
4- Excel File(to manage info of your signup sites).
5- Bank account .
6- Aleartpay / Paypal account.

1-2-3 Steps to Startup Paid to Click Program

1. First Signup Aleartpay / Paypal Account for receiveing the payment form PTC  program it is Free to join.

2. Signup to Paid To Click program, it is also free. More program you join more you earn. Click here to signup Top Legitimate PTC Site.

3. Login to your Paid To Click  program and click to free ads and start click to ads.

Only single ads click at a one time until the timer is finished. Once timer is finish money is credit to your account.

So keep clicking and happy earning :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Make Money At Home By Reading E-Mails

Make Money At Home For Reading E-Mails (PTR) and  Paid To Click (PTC)
Make money at home for reading e-mails PTR and paid to click PTC is very easy way to make extra money at home it does not need any experience, or skills. All what you need to start making money at home for reading e-mails and click to mail and view ads are a few tips and the best list programs to join, we give you the tips and list the best programs for you for free.

How people can make money at home for reading emails without paying a red cent? 
How do these programs work? Wait… before trying to convince me tell me how the programs’ owners make money for them and how they cover the members’ earning.

What happens exactly inside PTR programs is PTR programs share the Ad’s profit with their members in order to make them read the e-mails they send to them. Let’s take a look about this example: The PTR owners make money by selling ads to advertisers. Let’s say they sell "2c ad to 500 members" for $11... They pay out form these fees $10 (2c x 500 members) and keep the extra $1 as profit for them. You might think what the $1 can do for them and what the 2c can do for members. This process could be done 100’s times daily that means these programs make $100’s for owners and $1’s for members daily.

So how much you can make when you join the PTR & PTC programs? 
If we said one program can make you 25 cent in average per day so when you joined 30 programs you can make $7.5 per day- it could be over than $200 per month for doing nothing… not bad. Do not forget the free dollars you get when you sign up, they will be over than $100.

There is another great way to make money with these programs and needs nothing to do of you witch is referring your friends to join these programs you can make money every time you refer you friend to any one of these programs. They pay you $10, $5… for each new member your refer to them. You can double your earning.

Remember that you cannot make wealth with PTR & PTC programs but you can make easy extra money at home.

Do not worry; you’ll never waste your time with these programs because you’ll be paid for every email you read, if they send e-mails you make money.

You cannot count on these programs to make you stable income because there is a minimum payment for each program $25, $10, $5, $2 you might reach it monthly or every few months, it depends on the categories that you choose to receive e-mails about.

But these programs will support you $100’s per month and you can add them to your total online income when you use other ways like paid surveys and paid to act, and you can find all of these here. 

PTR and PTC Program all tools.
1- Using the computer few min. daily.
2- Using the internet few min. daily.
3- Free e-mail account.
4- Excel file to manage all account info. (optional).
5- Small notebook(to write your notes).
6- Bank account (optional).
7- Aleartpay/Paypal account for receiving money.

I’ve created this page to help my friends around all the world to make money at home and you can help yours. You can join these programs for free and refer your friends, if you think that you do not have time to do so, help your friends by sending them this page or linking to this page from your website/ blog to make it available for yours.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AleartPay For Online Money Receiving

AlertPay is an internet payment service which allows the users to send and receive money online. It is safe and the money transfer is very fast.

AlertPay Personal Accounts

Using this account the user can send money to friend, family or anyone who has an email address.

This account allows people new to online payment processing to:
  • Shop safely online
  • Send and receive money free of cost
  • Make credit card payments.
  • Its monthly receiving limit is $400.
  • Its cumulative lifetime receiving limit is $2000.
 Create your AlertPay free account by choosing your country and type of AlertPay account .

Earn money with AlertPay

Top Legitimate Paid To Click Sites

Daily 10 Ads                                                               Payout at 200 Click

Daily 10-15 Ads                                                         Payout at 200 Click

Daily 10 Ads                                                                          Payout at $1